The MOT Journey

Successful managers need to keep up with the seemingly non-stop pace of technological advances to spot fads from worthwhile investments and get the most out of the technology they implement. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Management of Technology master’s program will teach you how to be such a manager and leader. You’ll learn how to work with people, processes and tools to best utilize technologies with accelerated product life cycles, seek innovation from diverse sources, and compete globally. And most importantly you'll increase your knowledge to be able to work on what you like and have fun doing it.

Your Path to MOT

  • Learn how to apply best practices in leadership, innovation, quantitative analysis and technology management
  • Be actively involved with highly respected faculty
  • Develop more agility in handling day-to-day challenges in the workplace

Ubiquitous Tech

From small businesses using tablets to collect payments, to media companies staying relevant with apps, there isn’t an organization around today that doesn’t rely on technology to better serve its customers and boost its bottom line.

Faculty Research Cycles
Into the Classroom

  • Anne-Laure Fayard, online communities
  • Harold Kaufman, organizational behavior
  • Jianxi Luo, innovation and technology management
  • Ari Ginsberg, technology entrepreneurship
  • Oded Nov, knowledge management
  • Bharat Rao, diffusion of emerging technologies

Gordon Cabaniss

“The program’s focus on innovation has helped me bring tons of value to the business world.”
VP, Global Investment Research, Technology Investment Banking Industry

Aisha Ballie’s MOT Journey
Business Analyst, UBS


NYC’s Digital Revolution

New York City has finally arrived as the Silicon Valley of America’s East Coast: a thriving start-up culture is attracting stand-out engineers and creative talent. At the same time, the industries that have traditionally dominated NYC — media, real estate, finance — are rapidly becoming more tech oriented. Our location puts you in the center of this exciting mix and connects you to the people behind it.


An MBA will surely give you a solid foundation in business fundamentals, but will it give you the insights to manage ever-more tech-centered enterprises?

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s MOT program pairs MBA essentials with the complex decision-making skills required of successful technology managers.

Innovation vs. Administration

Advantages of MOT over a generic MBA:

  • Courses more relevant to today’s technology-driven business world
  • A quicker path to the degree
  • Executive format option lets you work at the same time
  • Lower overall cost compared to many MBA programs

Facts and Figures

Flexible Delivery

The MS MOT Program is designed to match the lifestyles of working professionals and full and part-time students. Courses are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Flexible schedules enable professionals to work, study and spend quality time with friends and family.

A Responsive Curriculum

Management Core

Technology and Innovation Core


Capstone Experience

eMOT Executive format

Cohort-based program for professionals with three or more years of professional experience

  • Classes meet every other week
  • Unique coaching and mentoring program
  • One all inclusive fee covers books, University fees and meals
  • Learning teams of 3-5 participants
  • Projects based on work-related experiences
  • Audit one additional course per semester—no cost

MOT Full-time/Part-time

The MOT program offers a full and part-time format designed for professionals as well as recent graduates

  • Classes meet weekly in the evening
  • 10–46 month program

Curriculum Explorer

A Network of Success

MOT graduates are connected through the NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s alumni network, whose more than 38,000 members worldwide include over 1,000 CEOs or principals of major corporations. Not only will you be connected to our talented alumni network upon graduation, but you’ll also work alongside these professionals during your studies.

Uniting Education and Industry

  • Participants in the program come from area companies large and small
  • Career coaching and mentoring enhances the experience and relevance to work
  • For those seeking change, companies actively recruit the NYU Tandon School of Engineering MOT grads